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NEMT’s Vital Role in Hospital Readmission Prevention


Non-emergency medical transportation or NEMT plays a pivotal role in reducing hospital readmissions. As a trusted provider of NEMT services in Iowa, we highlight how reducing rehospitalization happens.

After a hospital discharge, patients often require follow-up appointments with physicians and specialists. Our non emergency medical transportation services in Waterloo, Iowa ensure they can reach these appointments promptly, allowing healthcare providers to monitor their progress and prevent potential complications.

Many readmissions occur due to medication non-adherence. NEMT can help patients get to pharmacies to pick up their prescribed medications, ensuring they can manage their conditions effectively and reducing the risk of returning to the hospital. Another way to ensure medication management is through skilled nursing services in Iowa.

Patients with chronic conditions need ongoing care to prevent exacerbations. NEMT ensures they can access services like dialysis, chemotherapy, and physical therapy, which are essential for managing their conditions and avoiding readmissions.

Regular check-ups and screenings are essential in catching health issues early. NEMT enables patients to attend preventive care appointments, reducing the likelihood of more serious health problems that might lead to hospitalization.

Some patients lack reliable transportation, which can hinder their access to care. NEMT addresses this barrier, making healthcare more accessible and reducing the chances of readmissions due to missed appointments.

NEMT serves as a vital link in the healthcare system – benefiting many people. This critical link enables the reduction of hospital readmissions by providing timely access to follow-up care, promoting medication adherence, and many more.

Hire a trusted NEMT provider today. Hire 2MedAccess Transportation LLC for your transport needs!

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